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The Wolfgang Press - Give It Back lyrics

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Give It Back by The Wolfgang Press

Allen - Cox
A religion of uniform
Cradle the star
Hail their salute of pressure
Underfoot, under squalor
An issue is burning behind the flags of surrender
Ignorance a weapon
As children bleed in their virginity
Repeat your suffering
Watch this crime a political act
Suspend animation
Forgive and forget gracefully
Sell these arms to enemies we trust
Chuck it on the fire
With all these lies we covet
Politics wave this hand
Eat the applause
Refuse what has been treatened
The dance of the 7 veils
Too many soldiers fight an unknown cause
Into the valley of death rode the 600
Into the valley of death rode 600 blindmen
When it's written down change the meaning
Too many hungry lions waiting for the kill
Call it a blot on a gentlemen's conduct
Stride in magnificent style
To catch up on a winning
Aim for an end in this wildlife drudgery
The dance of the 7 veils has come to an end
And you're left naked
Politics a bag of tricks
Politics and Politics Politics and Politics
Politics a bag of tricks
Politics, Politics,...
Waiting for the kill
Outstretched hands
Open hands
Outstretched hands
I pray for more I'm hungry and you won't feed me
I'm starving
And you won't
Feed me.
Michael Allen: Voice, Bass, Piano, Percussion, Drum Loops
Mark Cox: Synthesizer, Motor, Chains, Drums
Andrew Gray: Guitars, Percussion

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