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Druantia Lyrics

The Waeve


Song Facts

  • Genre: Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, Folk Pop
  • Album: City Lights
  • Producer: James Ford
  • Writers: Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall

Artist Info

The WAEVE is a British musical act featuring Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall. This duo cuts across different categories - rock, pop, and folk - since the talented duo behind Blur and The Pipettes offer rich music and very evocative of different scenes.

Annotations and Meaning

Druantia sings about sacrifice, rebirth, and the eternal cycles of nature. Indeed, the opening lines would seem to convey an intense and selfless kind of offering: "This broken body I gave to you." To add to this level of meaning and at the level of depth, the sacrifice is ascertained by the following line: "The blood inside me I lost to you." And the light anew, the light you brought me. Druantia was a goddess of the Celts, representing the eternal mother, fertility, and protection. That forms the chorus line to the song: "Here comes the mother of all we see." The reference to Druantia works through themes of life, growth, and the nurturing power of nature. The lyrics even suggest winter and the transition among seasons, as heard in expressions like "Stars shine, the moon bright" or "The parks are closing." This captures the meaning of the remarkable, reflective aspect of winter as a time of reflection and inner power. This references feeling "the power of the life force running through me" and "the power of the nightfall right through me," which can be seen in some way as an attunement to the natural world and its related cycles. It is suggestive of being in contact, in awareness, and in balance with the pulses and energies moving through nature.

Personal Reflection

Druantia by The WAEVE has a very mystical, reflective feel to it and speaks to the ancient mythologies of life, sacrifice, and renewal. In a way, such references of the song to Druantia, the Celtic goddess, give one another dimension and approach the subject timelessly. It would invite the audience to think about their link with nature and the cycles under which life is led. With evocative lyrics and imagery, a human is put in a state of reverie towards nature and its infallible power. The greater focus on winter, as embodied in the idea of transition in the song, only explains further the themes of introspection and transformation. Call for the embrace of the silent strength that could be found in nature and an acknowledgment of potential renewal and growth. In a nutshell, Druantia is beautiful with its thoughts and exploration through mythology and nature. It touches on great human experiences. From the vivid images to the powerful use of language, WAEVE presented a genuinely captivating piece that is only further intensified in the setting of their album City Lights.

Druantia Song Lyrics

Druantia by The Waeve

This broken body
I gave to you
The blood inside me
I lost to you
The light you brought me
The light a new
Ever we found you
So strong, and true

Lovers never [?]
Will never [?]
Gone between the [?]
Take me, Druantia
Under [?]
[?] window

Here comes the mother
Of all we see
Here comes the mother
Of all we see
Here comes the mother
Of all we see, oh

Stars shine, thе moon bright
He likes the road up ahеad in the winter
The parks are closing
Blue sky, the moon bright
She likes the road up ahead in the winter
The parks are closing
Night sky, the moon shine
She likes the miles up ahead in the winter
The mounts are closing
Blue sky, the moon bright
She likes the road up ahead in the winter
They aren't unfolding
I feel the power
Of the life force running through me
I feel the power
Of the nightfall right through me

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