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City Lights Lyrics

The Waeve


Song Facts

  • Genre: Pop, Rock, Alternative Pop, Alternative Rock
  • Album: City Lights
  • Producer: James Ford
  • Release Date: May 2, 2024
  • Writers: Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall
  • Featuring: Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall
  • Label: Transgressive Records
  • Music Publisher: Sony Music Publishing UK & Downtown Music
  • Mastering Engineer: Frank Arkwright
  • Engineer: Animesh Ravel

Artist Info

The WAEVE is a dynamic British music duo between Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall. Graham Coxon is, of course, the famed guitarist of Blur, joining his gifted soul with that of Rose Elinor Dougall, who spent some time with The Pipettes. Their songs are combined with pop, rock, and alternative genres to create a unique sound that most people like.

Annotations and Meaning

WAEVE's City Lights is an exposition of themes bordering on belonging and escapism. The line "Now your soul belongs to me" could represent a deep connection or a bond. When one realizes that they are "out in the darkness, free to fly," one would think of some liberation but then comes "machine gun words" and "bombs"—harsh words together with some emotional conflict. The repetition within the chorus, "Those city lights, they belong to me," provides a feeling of ownership and relation with the urban environment. It's like suggesting that the city and its gleam become part and parcel of the speaker's identity. Being taken "to the other side" perhaps is asking for change or getting out of something in the current situation. In the second verse, the lyrics express the desire to be fast and have wine to face the darkness. "Put on your heels, destroy their minds," tells us that can be very powerful, allowing confidence in trying to overcome anything. This fight with the night and the better tomorrow that is promising only strengthens themes of hope and resilience.

Personal Reflection

City Lights perfectly portrays the mystique and intricacy of city life. It is described as a place for living and fleeing in one. The city lights are the source of magic and mystery that attracts people to the city as a source of identity and meaning. The lyrics establish the apparent twinning of light and darkness in urban existence. The combination of evocative and imagistic language in WAEVE might hint to listeners that they start thinking of the places they, too, relate to from the pieces they inhabit. A contrast being noted, the fact that the city is a place of conflict is implicit, but it also provides vistas for growth and change. The repetition in the chorus underlines the idea that the city with its lights is an inescapable part of the speaker's soul—a deep, intrinsic connection. Overall, City Lights is a pensive album that touches on identity, belonging, and a sense of meaning one seeks in the urban landscape. The lyrics and compelling melodies combine to bring about reflective feelings regarding the human experience in the city.

City Lights Song Lyrics

City Lights by The Waeve

Now your soul belongs to me
It'll be alright
Out in the darkness, free to fly
We'll get some sleep tomorrow
And the machine gun words you say
Dropped on my mind like bombs
Where any casual throwaway
Late in the night like sorrow

Those city lights
They belong to me
You're in my soul, in my soul
Take me over to the other side, now
(Oh, ooh, ah)

[Verse 2]
I need the speed, you need the wine
To face the darkness song
Put on your heels, destroy their minds
And you’ll be theirs to borrow
You know I hate to see the night
Hold you in his arms
I know that if I do it right
You’ll be mine tomorrow
Thosе city lights
They belong to me
You'rе in my soul, in my soul
Take me over to the other side, now

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