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Music Video

Broken Boys Lyrics

The Waeve


Song Facts

  • Genre: Rock, Pop, British Rock, Alternative Pop, Alternative, Alternative Rock
  • Album: City Lights
  • Producer: James Ford
  • Writers: Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall

Artist Info

The WAEVE is a British music act and band comprising Graham Coxon and Rose Elinor Dougall. Graham Coxon was the creative guitar and voice of Blur, so he brings his skills to this project. While Rose Elinor Dougall contributed her unique voice and instrumental talents to The Pipettes, they mix rock with pop and alternative.

Annotations and Meaning

In Broken Boys, the identification and compassion emerge in the lyrics instantly as it opens with the line "I know the look that's in your eye" assuming a shared experience or understanding. The following lines infer hardship and being out of place, "Born into the wrong one's arms," and admonish against the dangers of too much indulgence, "Too much of that kind of fun will hurt your heart." The chorus captures the defiant attitude toward superficial social events, rejecting them in "Fuck your party" and an expression of feeling thrown away or cast off: that "Left in the dark show whatever, no, never" summarizing the feeling of loss, without hope to find a way out. This is repeated as "Broken boys all end up the same way." One has an air of inevitability or resignation. It would seem to suggest a pattern, a cycle of behavior, and a concomitant outcome for such "broken boys." A person with "flashlight eyes" could see through darkness or a facade and might add another insight or level of awareness.

Personal Reflection

Broken Boys speaks to the universally felt experience of feeling broken or just feeling out of place. It describes struggles and defiance against that: for a person understanding the truth of their vices and the pointlessness of some of the norms. In effect, reflecting on the cyclical nature of pain and disillusionment is more prominent among those who feel marginalized or misunderstood. The repetition of the phrase "Broken boys all end up the same way" relates to the fate that is commonly shared, underlining emotional baggage. The WAEVE sends a message of resilience and resistance with brutally raw and honest words picked out. It tells the listener to take heed: Recognize that you are struggling through something, and be able to pinpoint the cycles of life. It's also a comment on societal expectations and the superficiality of some social interactions. Finally, Broken Boys strongly comment on the human condition and the shared experience that binds us all together.

Broken Boys Song Lyrics

Broken Boys by The Waeve

Graham Coxon & Rose Elinor Dougall

Oh, god!
I know the look that's in your eye
I, too
Working myself up to the night
No good
Born into the wrong one's arms
Too much
Of that kind of fun will hurt your heart

f**k your party
[?] throw your soul away
Left in the dark show whatever
No, never
Find the way out
You're just a not just to take them down
You're just a nod just to take them out

Yeah you [?]
In an enigmatic way
Your flashlight eyes
They rise to you
Broken boys all end up the same way
Broken boys all end up the same way
Broken boys, they'll end up the same way
Oh, god!
Oh, god!

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