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The Vladimirs - Serpent Girl lyrics

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Serpent Girl by The Vladimirs

Little serpent girl hanging from a tree
Beast of temptation sent here to destroy me
You're loveless You're lustful
This lonely mans wet dream
But when I wake at dawn it's blood that covers me
And I cried
Force of nature Murderer of my world Serpent Girl
Little serpent girl hiding in the grass
You wait for everyone to leave to start your secret dance
That only I will see it puts me in such distress
If I resist you hiss and just lift up your scaly dress
And I cried
Paralyzed by those brain washing eyes Hypnotized
Little serpent girl something's got to give
Why is it that you just can't bare to see me live
You hate me You fuck me Until I think I'm dead
But I come so alive when you slither to my bed
Little serpent girl I know you can't be real
But when I dry my eyes your the only thing I feel
Who are you? What are you? What do you want from me?
When you constrict you suck my soul into eternity
And I cried
Paralyzed by this murderer of worlds Serpent Girl

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