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The Tuna Helpers - Code lyrics

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Code by The Tuna Helpers

This is a code
Crack it with butter
Hold it up to the mirror and read it carefully
I have a family
I have three children
I have a cat and I have a dog
But they will not speak
They are wired shut
To their straight jacket sofas
Watching snow on TV
I broke their code
Slid it through butter
Held it up to a mirror
And read it carefully
“we love our family
They smell like mothballs
We have excellent teeth
You see it runs in the family
But we are in tears over sighs no one hears
We've not scratched our noses
In 8 million years
Sketches of our plans
Traced in dust on the floor
Reveal human extinction
Through a stuffed animal war!”
Oh no! there's a Barbie doll
Staring down at me from my bedroom wall
Oh no! what's that sound?
She's gonna tear my eyeballs out
Asleep at night approaching dreams
Dolls creep up from behind and open their seams
I cracked their code
I know their plans
I hear them moving
And I hear their leader's commands:

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