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The Toilet Bowl Cleaners - Miley Cyrus Farts lyrics

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Miley Cyrus Farts by The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

She's an actress, she's a singer
She's America's sweetheart
Let me tell you a secret
Miley Cyrus farts
Yes, I know it's shocking
And it's sad, but it is true
Every day she farts out gas and sometimes she goes poo
She's supposed to be wholesome
She's supposed to be sweet
So her handlers keep her away from the gassy foods she likes to eat
Once a little boy was getting Miley's autograph
When she let out a little toot, the little boy just laughed
And it showed that this conspiracy isn't necessary at all
If kids find out that Miley farts, they'd still buy all her products at the mall
'Cause everybody poops and farts, it's not such a big deal
So go ahead, Miley Cyrus, fart on stage and let us know you're real
You're an actress, you're a singer
You're America's sweetheart
And it's not so shocking at all to learn
That Miley Cyrus farts
Yes, she does
And that's okay
We still love her

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