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The Tim Version - Let The Bastardation Begin lyrics

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Let The Bastardation Begin by The Tim Version

Designate the scapegoat, pull the
Trigger and erase the nothing
Passify restraint adjust the
Chokers so the weak will toughen.
Kill the kings and we'll be their
Heirs. Makin' progress while
Everybody knows...
Hope this death of brain cells ain't
Juxtapose the mindset aligned
Neatly in a timely manor. Passify
Restraint why have the traits
When you can just be standard?
Clonings increase ambitions
Decease meanwhile everyone's
Goin' nowhere...
It's strange to see complacency
Striding mediocrity. Bow down
To the ones who failed us. Knot
The tie and sign the deed open
Minds shall now secede.

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