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The Time - If the kid can't make you come lyrics

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If the kid can't make you come by The Time

You like my crib, baby?
Well, come a little closer. Don't be shy.
Darlin', I want you so bad. I can almost taste the smell of your skin.
And honey, I'd be so sad, if you didn't break down and let me in.
You better let me in, baby. Don't you know ...
If the Kid can't make you come, nobody can.
Am I gettin' through, baby?
Sweetheart, I can be gentle as a lamb. If that's what gets you off.
I wanna get you off, baby.
And lover, straddle my brass and we'll dance in the land of the hard and soft.
I don't care, baby. Whatever gets you off?
If the kid can't make you come, nobody can.
Need I say more, baby?
Do you wanna straddle my brass?
If the kid can't make you come, nobody ...
That's a pretty blouse.
.... Thank you.
Take it off.
.... Is that better?
A little bit, I'd rather see it live in concert though.
.... Well, I'll tell you what, cutie. I'll let you take that off.
Oh yes!
This little hook went to Holland. This little hook went to France.
This little hook went to London. And this little hook went to...
.... Uhmm.
Oh Lord! Honey, don't you ever try and breastfeed no baby.
.... Why not?
Never mind. What time is it?
.... Titty time.
I know that's right.
.... Uhmm.
What's my name?
.... Morris.
No, come on baby, what's my real name?
.... Uuh, uh, uhh.
Talk to me, talk to me.
.... M ... Mo ... Mor ... Morris!
Yes! Oh baby, you're just too sexy.
.... Morris?
Yeah baby.
.... What's my name?
It's baby, ain't it?
.... Oh Morris, what's my ...
Ah ga ga ga ga!
.... Oh, Morris!
Too sexy!
I bet you never thought I'd be this good, did you?
Let me hear the pledge of allegiance, baby.
.... What do you mean?
You know, like you used to do in school.
.... You got to be kidding. I guess you're not.
Come on baby, Morris is listening.
.... OK... I pledge allegiance ... to the flag... of the United States... of America ...
.... and to the republic... for which it stands.
Oh Lord! You're just too sexy.
.... Uuh.
Ain't nobody bad like me?

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