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The Three Degrees - Truth lyrics

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Truth by The Three Degrees

Time races fast, you're riding so high
You feel like you never come down
But someday, baby, you have to face reality
And come down
You can't live on the clouds
[Keyboard solo]
You know, I... I really hate to come down on you to this,
Baby, but uh... you ain't cool.
You're just a not cool and you haven't been cool for a long time now.
There comes a time in everyone's life
When they have to evaluate who they are and what they are,
And find out for themselves what's really meaning of life to them.
That is, of course, if you can deal with truth and it's not easy.
Sometimes it's a real hard thing to deal with truth.
Because maybe we won't like what we hear or might discover
About ourselves, but in the final an*lysis, baby
You'll be such a better man for it, such a better man.
If I didn't care, I let you go on ana make a fool out of yourself.
But I do care and because I care. I can't stand around
If I'm your woman and watch you do this to yourself.
You know what I mean? Think about it... think about it.

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