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The Suicide Machines - Red Flag lyrics

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Red Flag by The Suicide Machines

Drop out of mainstream society now,
Think about the world and what's going around.
Blood for oil - the stakes in this capitalist game,
How can this ignorant mentality remain?
Together we must stand to avoid a catastrophe,
This is a throwback, we'll throw down the kings,
We gotta
Rise up.
Rise up and fight the power.
Rise up against this corruption.
Those in high places act as gods among men,
They'll play us for fools to keep the power they defend.
Rich man, common man, defined by their genes,
While another brother dies to feed the capitalist machine.
It's what they don't wanna hear (the voices of the millions)
It's what they don't wanna know (the coming revolution)
So fly the red flag!
It all comes down collapsing in on itself.

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