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The Suicide Machines - Politics of humanity lyrics

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Politics of humanity by The Suicide Machines

My blood runs cold when I think of the
condition of human suffering and untold
pain the atrocities of war make my stomach
turn falling tears on the earth like burning
acid rain why has it
Been so long since anyone's noticed
it's been so long since anyone's cared we
watch and wait as the world keeps turning
hoping our greed won't consume us all
This world today is like a closed box for those
who have nothing but war torn streets shine a
ray of hope a light into their lives hid deep inside
your heart may they find their relief
why has it
Hate can never cease by hate in this world and
this I know so I'm gonna give you these words
and I hope you'll listen to me cuz hate never
ceases by hate in this world no
Turn about the face and face the faces of death
in a place where men die of disease and
starvation psycho warfare politicians tool won't
let them pass the torch to a new generation
[Chorus 2x]
Why has it been so long

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