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The Roches - My my broken heart lyrics

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My my broken heart by The Roches

my my broken heart
well, i wake up every morning
and i just crack up without warning
i would be as good as maybe grandma
but i must get a grip on
my my broken heart
if i had a million dollars
i would go to see a doctor
hey doctor could you set me free from the pain
i'm just like humpty dumpty
he was always missing something
who could ever put the pieces back together again
my my broken heart
the sad old tears of a broken heart
you can't hide em
because they come rolling down
just as soon as you dried em
time is passing me by
and the more time is passing me by
why? that broken heart
why do i hand on?
because i miss you
never again will i kiss you
there's nothing left but to wish you the best my love
with what's left of
my my broken heart
someday i'm gonna fix it
it hurts

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