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The Pubcrawlers - Whiskey Ran The Show lyrics

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Whiskey Ran The Show by The Pubcrawlers

It's a bittersweet relationship
The cost he had to pay
The life that he could have lived
Versus the life he gave away
It started many years ago
When he was just a lad
Just a teen trying the make the scene
And not feel so fucking bad
So like any stout young man
He took well to the drink
He didn't care where he was going
Or even stop to think
He roared on though his teenage years
Living hard and fast
With whiskey, girls, parties and friends
One long drunken bash
A seductive glance, a dirty kiss
The draw that'll never miss
It's a sweetness that he can't resist
When the bottle hits his lips
It's a curse that will follow him
Wherever that he goes
His life will never be his to live
'Cause whiskey ran the show
Its amazing how much you don't recall
When you walk though life trashed
Drunk as hell and full of good times
But you know it couldn't last
Living hard and living fast
Was bound to take it's toll
By the time he was thirty he lost his job
Left out in the cold
All he had left was the girl he loved
She said she'd be true to him
Swearing to him that she'd never leave
She'd be there though thick and thin
That only lasted though another binge
Leaving her quite appalled
She left that bastard on the spot
And wouldn't return his calls
So he spent those next lonely years
Drunk in dirty bars
Torn by those past afflictions
Life's little scars
He tried to quit, over and over
And put the bottle down
But before the night was over
He'd be buying another round
Years did pass and years he aged
He grew weary and grew old
His only friend was the Devil's whiskey
That gleefully took his soul
His time is short, his life is spent
And there's nothing left to save
The last gift whiskey had for him
Was that of an early grave

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