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The Program - We die down here lyrics

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We die down here by The Program

The next episode in the series
where the blinds are removed
and the light shines through
It piereces window panes it shatters glass
It scr*pes the make up
off the face of deception
With lies become black stains
on your carpet of pride
and how they ruin your life
True friends will be the only thing
with out a reason to run or a reason to hide
Comfort comes with a complete set of lies
hold your eyes closed as tight as you can
Take a beath, we fake this smile
We aren't so perfect now are we
Not so perfect now
Trust me, Trust me
Cuz what you say means nothing anyway
There's got to be something
more to life than this
Scr*ping by on a prayer, on a wish
That one day we will shine
It seems we are the cause of our own demise
And we hate this
but we're to blame as we create this
and you, you'll learn to lie
Because we die down here
Because we die

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