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Theoretics - Higher lyrics

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Higher by Theoretics

Chimaroke Abuachi -
Commands pushing at speeds they can't touch this weight that collapse cushioning is I Adjust
Moving like the final wave is like a rush
To giant heads, like David's slingshot to hush
Unbearable phases but we can't corrupt torrential rain is here to bring out the bug
Everything that's happening here involves us
That why where going higher to view it from above
And when we reach that point we'll paint it with a brush
With colors that reveal all the reasons why we fuss
Reasons why we fight, reasons why we shove
Reasons why we hide, reasons why we tug
So when we descend back, we'll show them that there's much
Much work to do, even for the toughI've been there and back, for the future we can try
I say we can do it with love
Go High!
Go higher!
And release these chains! Can't hold me down,
Do you see these wings?
Mark Hoy (Distortion)
Don't blink you'll miss the rate we evolve
And all of them compress weight test my resolve
Break down barriers these walls dissolve
Leaving nothing but the open air for my freefall
We are, reach all or take none
Refine our resource to reach sun
Begun to breach past the barriers see past nefarious obstacles are
Pieces of the puzzle I align to learn the lesson
And every step that I take in progression toward perfection
Is the essence
Unlocked and true
We keep an open mind to release aptitude
I surpass through, any and all forsake glory
Never look back, the path is before me
Pages of my past become my story
Wings break through chains aiming for me to go high

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