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The New York Rel-X - The One She Adores lyrics

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The One She Adores by The New York Rel-X

you can see right through her eyes
what she's up to next
her crazy thoughts, psychotic ways
never giving you a moments rest
just when you think you're left alone
she comes back for more
and you're the one, you're the one she adores!!!
you're the one she adores
the only one she adores
drowned yourself with sorrows
try to understand her thoughts
til she stabbed you in the back
without one moment lost
Did you even think for once
that she feels a moments guilt
you are the one she was destined to kill!!!
now, she has moved on to another
the lucky one is me
a victim of her selfish desires
caught in the middle of her scene
her mind is set at jealousy
you wouldn't believe your eyes
and you and i believed her lies!
you too will believe her lies
when she comes for you
she'll manipulate your souls
until she sees you fall
you better open up your eyes
for what she's planning next
and you're the one she'll put to the test!!!

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