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The LOX - The Agreement lyrics

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The Agreement by The LOX

[Chorus: Fetty Wap]
I tell you that [?]
I put you on them diamonds, yeah
Real gangstas move in silence, shush
We don’t say a word, we just [?]
Still good with them bird if you need us
I’m hoping that the homie never leave us
Let’s just [?] the agreement
[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]
Cause them guns is out, and the boys ain’t fronting
Rollie, chain, you gon’ give up something
You know what it is, you know I’m thug
Yeah I’ve been drinking, you know I’m drugged (no doubt)
You niggas with me? You know they bugged
Throwing money all in this club
I know you like when I was in this sh*t
Then you fell in love with this dick
And you text like I make you sick
b**ch you forgot I can take my pick
b**ch you forgot that you not my chick
I’m famous baby, you don’t know my
We smoking weed, them tops is dropping
[Verse 2]
If you want that A1, you gon’ need us
Cause I got more stripes than Adidas
Cause I was in the hood holding heaters
If you love real niggas then you gon’ need us
But I be [?]
Tell you girl jerk us off, only way to beat us
If they ask me, they should’ve killed you as a fetus
[Verse 3]
Don’t forget your ID for the airport
First time in first class, throw you shades on
I sip mimosa, play a Marvin Gaye song
A gentleman, that’s how the status came
Yeah, when you land take the train straight to baggage claim
Uh, temperature change, you feel the flame on it
A driver’s waiting with a sign with your name on it
Get ready for a long night
Yeah, we gon’ blow each others’ minds
We gon’ sip some more wine as long as we both [?]

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