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The Lips - On TV lyrics

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On TV by The Lips

The power's on with batteries, yet we're stuck on channel four.
But it's interesting today.
Press rewind, go back in time, to a place that you want more.
Jeopardy is "a-okay."
Go on and press the mute.
Go on, yeah.
'Cause it's so fake it seems, this life we lead, is it just me? No.
So press the pause for me, so I am screened on TV.
Remote controls I wish I had, one that's burned into my arm.
I like to stare all day.
Plastic holes and stereos, my brain is always on alarm.
It's a righteous day today.
Go on and press eject.
Go on, yeah.
But it's just memories, that's why we bleed, this "herd of sheep."
Put me back to sleep, I'm way too deep on TV.

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