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The Lancashire Hotpots - This Lancashire Town lyrics

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This Lancashire Town by The Lancashire Hotpots

I bloomin' love Lancashire me
I were born here, I were raised here
And I thought I were gonna die here
That's until work come to me and said
We got a new plant down south
your gonna have to move down there for work
Well I didn't know what to do for best
So I thought I'd have a bit of a stroll around
Get some memories
See if I can figure out what I'm going for dee.
I kissed my girl
By PC World
I dropped me crisps
Outside WH Smiths
They chopped down that tree
To build a KFC
In this Lancashire Town
This Lancashire Town
We both held hands
Outside Matalan's
I tucked in me vest
Outside the old Nat West
I dreamt of Gherkins
Outside Dorothy Perkins
In this Lancashire Town
My Lancashire Town
Oh it's all changed since my day
I'll tell you that for nowt
Used to be Dixons down the road
It's now Curry Digi Kill
Theres a one way system down by leslies pie shop
It's chaos there at three o'clock
Can't get through, not for love nor money
Used to be all fields at the bottom of my road
Well that's still there National Trust has seen to that
All the pubs have funny names
Like Fashion and Which
Not seen a Pig & Albert for years
I sighed a sigh
Passing MFI
I received a text
Getting socks from Next
I bought Die Hard 3
In the sale at HMV
Oh yes
In this Lancashire Town
A lovely Lancashire town
When they knocked down th'Argos
I stood and cried
But then they built a TK Maxx
So that's alreet
I ate my onion rings
Outside a Burger King
In this Lancashire Town
What a Lancashire town
Well with so many eye-watering beautiful memories
How could I move?
I were born here
I were raised here
And I'll be buried here
Next to me greyhounds and me whippets at the bottom of the garden
I can't do this
I wont do it
Then I thought about that text that I got off Brian in Next
It says it's double money down in Coventry
So I had another look round
And thought sod the lot of you's
Double money
I'm off next week

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