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The Glass Child - Shades Of Black lyrics

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Shades Of Black by The Glass Child

"We dedicate this tune to everyone who has lost someone they held dear"
And I have lived a thousand years and
Only seen life disappear from this world
As the sun it brightly rose
I walked across the entire globe
Saw all the scars from the human claws
These open wounds will never be gone
And at night I was embraced by light
Feeling the stars strength and might
Coming from above in this cold forsaken world
I turned to god and yelled in my deepest despair
Why am I here if I'm only meant to share your pain
My love is not gone but the life I live will never be the same
From a sombre sleep awake a fire in my eyes is lit
Awaken in the darkest night
A freezing sky - a warming light
I see my breath as I exhale
I see it all - I see so clear
But alone I lay on plains of ice
Hoping that I soon will die
My tears are my words to you that my heart can never say
You see those tears of mine are shades
Of black that never fade away - fade away
Shades of black as light in dark
Heal my mind and ease my heart
Semper fidelis - I will never forget
Reminding me of the life we once lived
Free my sorrow - free my soul
The rain is gone - you made me whole
The shades of black are here at night
With a glowing hope as the moons dim light
All shades of black illuminate my path and
Keep me safe as you guide me on my way
Now please bring me home
Now I stand a different man
I've lived and died but still I am
On my back in frost white grass
A second away from shadows of past
I've wandered the entire globe in a
Single thought I've gained new hope
Got through it all and now I live
My eternal love is forever missed
So shine a light and shine it strong
Shine a light for my day has come
All life is just borrowed and one day
We will have to give it back - give back

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