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The Gift Of Gab - Escape 2 Mars lyrics

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Escape 2 Mars by The Gift Of Gab

Escape to mars
It ain't that far...
Escape to mars
It ain't that far...
Verbally strike like
Abominable rhymer rally
Timin' always automatic
Python clouds surrounded to
Gather all the planet
Night comes down
And all about there's a lot of panic
Quick fix
Mind manic
In the wagon
Antagonizing the wind
All matter
It is the earth who'll stand through
The aftermath
That'll bring forth many avalanche storms
In the canyons
Once filled with snow
Whether only the tarantulas and insects survive
Replacin all humanity
We crammin all the damage in the ozone habitat
And travellin into a savage end
I hope the tabernacle songs
Bring upon the awakening of the nap
And gunna be a long long summer [? ] after that
Man wonton soup
Plant life cabbage
That is guided by the powers
Of the dyin and the flowers c'mon
Escape to mars
It ain't that far...
Escape to mars
It ain't that far...
A 4 {degree} C rise in temperature would put many of you at risk of coastal flooding, causing 30-50% reduction in water availability, in southern Africa and the Mediterranean. Agricultural yields will decline. 20-50% of animal and plant species would face extinction.
2 0 1 2
Party over!
Out of sight
Time, mind
Illuminati death trap
Blind deaf and dumb
Crazy bent
80 percent
Wiped out sniped out
Burn baby burn get hit
When we could've been turnin the cell phones off
Ripped through your city the Bentleys that sell most [? ]
Fish, than the fishes you catch
They smell so toxic from the rivers ingestin their flow now
(Wait?) til humidity's
Summer's are left cold ya'll
Kids gunna feel it
There's no effect on ya'll
Since you directly don't experience no
Cause and effect
Drift inflicting the ozone wall
It's all at a hands happening
Global warming on the rise
Sad to see
If we don't make a change now
Then the path that we choose
Is our own til we save our planet
Renovate all traffic
Innovate more atmospheric
Brace all damage
Done away with
Maybe some escape to another planet
Face mutated
In a spaceship
Travelling in spaces
Examining the ways of man
And how we take advantage of
The place we inhabit it
And taste more lavish shit
Racism hatred we did got past it
But we may all be prey to the wrath of Mother Nature
Escape to Mars... [x4]
It ain't that far
Escape to Mars

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