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The Dirtbombs - If I Die Tonight lyrics

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If I Die Tonight by The Dirtbombs

[Big Pimp]Yeah, hold the music
[Mr. G-stacka]Hold it
[Big Pimp]Yeah, I wanna do this right here, y'knaw'msayin?
I wanna dedicate this one to, y'knaw'msayin, my kids and everythang
[Mr. G-stacka]Okay
[Big Pimp]Let it drop
[**Music begins**]
[Big Pimp]We gonna do it like this here
[Mr. G-stacka]Yeah
[Big Pimp]Yeah, let Gangsta represent first for his lil' baby y'knaw'msayin?
He ain't got nothin' but one so he represent first
[Mr. G-stacka]My first born, my baby daughter, lil' Tia Webster
You know Daddy love you baby
[Big Pimp]Yeah, you know I'mma pimp so, got plenty of 'em
My stepson Tamier, boy I love you like my own
My twins:Danya, Danna, Devin, Deshawd, Davarius
Boy, if I die tonight,just want y'all to know
[Chorus] (2x)
Now if I die tonight, you tell my babies that they daddy was gangsta
(Errry gang' - errry gangsta)
Now if I die tonight, you tell my babies that they daddy was gangsta
(Errry gang' - errry gang... sta)
[Verse 1: Big Pimp]
Now off the top, I was (errry) pimp roller, hoe stroller
Hard time "Coco-Cola" solder, a 4-5 cocked-glock-toter
That come BACK and hit the same SPOT for the rocks I sold ya
I thought I told ya bitch - I'm gangsta mixed with a lot of soldier
A black-plastic-bag-body-folder
'Cause for the cash, I'll have you lookin' bad if I ain't know ya
And to my kids, for the last four years all I did was love ya
'Cause everythang I did since then, shit I did it for ya
I know you see me a lot of times fussin' with y'all mother
I hear you in the front, hollerin' and cryin' thinkin' I'm hurtin' your mother
That's when I realize, to stop your cries I need to hug ya
That's when I dry your eyes and explain why I'm leavin' your mother
Da-da gon' always be here, not because I made a promise
Shit, I helped created you, even though you came up out her stomach
And everything I got, you can have it ,if you want it
But if I don't have it, and a nigga do, I'mma take it from him
I promise, I'm y'all personal ridah
Somebody fuck wit'cha, come tell your pop, and watch your pop, POP som'n inside'em
And to my lil girl, them niggas tryin' to holla, I'mma burn'em
Tell them fuck niggas you got a father and you don't need non' from'em
And to my five boys, y'all niggas already causin' drama
I have y'all spittin' on people, gettin' mad, and tryin' to bite y'all mama
And I'mma tell y'all one more thing, even if you disregard the other
Dev, Deshawd, Davarius, Tamier, Danya, and Dane - look out for each other
[Mr. G-stacka]
Now let's just say that if tonight, was the night, that a nigga had to go
Just tell my family that I love'em, 4-1-0 to my Kin Folk
But for my baby daughter, I just feel I ought'ta, let her know
How her daddy was a gangsta, hustled hard to get that doe
A young thug livin', came up off drug dealin', and pistol grippin'
Catch a nigga slippin', and lickin',most of my competition
Thinkin' with precision, enough to keep me up outta prison
Slangin' with intentions, to get rid of all my chickens
Stayin' strapped with ammunition, that hit niggas from a distance
Once they run they mouth, you'll find them bitches missin' - now pay attention
Now, ain't no need to question why, daddy's a soldier
Full-clip-loader, big-gun-toter, all-day-'dro-blower
I don' sacked the finest green and cracked the finest soda, grindin' to support ya
All the dimes I don' broke up, all the crimes that provoke us
All the grime I don' soaked up, it's my mind that I can't trust
And it gets tuff, thinkin' one day I'll slip up
And leave you all alone, now that's enough to drive me crazy on my own
But baby stay strong... No, I never meant wrong
My only objective, was to provide so you can live long
And everything I speak on, take it to the heart
'Cause if I die tonight, it's on your mom to play her part and my part
And that's hard, that's why I pray to God
And ask him, when He take me out this world
Watch over my baby girl
That's for real
[**Singing interlaced with last two cycles of original chorus**]
If I die tonight, if I die tonight - Oooh-ooooh-oooooh
[Pimp]Oh shiit, since I said som' first, gon' get it man
Yeah, take it back man
Fuck it, leave it like that, leave it like that..
Shiit, keep it real, fuck it... Gone, go head man
[G]Shiit, you know... and that's what we mean, y'knaw'msayin'
I don't know
[Pimp]I love my babies
Daddy ain't really got nothin' to say y'all we don' said it all
[G]We don' said it, but you know
You know how we feel, y'all know we love y'all
[**Music ends**]
Ya'll better be good too, and y'all better take care of us too
when we get old
[G]When we can't goddamn do what we be doin' now
[Pimp]Ya'll SSI
[Pimp]Take care us
[G]We love y'all
[Pimp]And don't take me to no... old folks home no
matter how crazy I get, I'll tear y'all ass up
[G]All y'all
[Pimp]Bye, love ya(echoes)

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