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The Contingency Plan - Sixteen lyrics

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Sixteen by The Contingency Plan

She ran away from home at the sweet young age of sixteen years old
She thought that she could outrun life.
Her parents abused her for so long that she didn't really think that it was wrong
If she sold her body for just a few nights.
Standing all alone watch a million people walking up and down on the corner of some small town.
Sixteen years of life sit in your room always cry but mom and dad don't care...ya see
Moms too drunk to see, and dads always at work it's eating you up inside
These problems never seem to go away
Now your afraid your all alone. [x4]
What did you think did you really think that life would change if running away
Could ever solve anything
Its cold tonight no place to call home where will you go.
It doesn't have to end like this ya know it doesn't have to be this way.
You can go back home stick it out i know it's tough but your strong i know you'll make it.
Now your afraid your all alone. [x4]
Where will you go? Where will you go? When will you go back home? [x2]

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