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The Buckinghams - Wake Up! lyrics

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Wake Up! by The Buckinghams

Wake up wake up wake up!
There's something going on
An ugly chapter in human history
Wake up wake up wake up!
Cause Israhell's committing
War Crimes in the name of democracy
Its been a while since this went down
And still people are standing around
Watching all the victims find their end
History repeats itself once again
When will people ever learn
That sometimes silence is complicity
And if you lack the power to do something about it
You only wallow in hypocrisy
What will you do if this gets out of hand?
Will you say I never knew or say that you don't understand
Don't forget that sometimes its wise to choose
The way that doesn't pay but goes by the rules
Don't you know that we know that you know what we know
About the violence you spread, the seed of hatred you sow
While we're under the protection of international law
You still manage to turn it into an international flaw
The law of action and reaction disrespected by you
Because invasion is aggression and you know it's the truth
What can this world's 'democracy', the United Nations do?
If whatever they decide is simply vetoed for you
People of the world, respect the law!
There's a reason why we have an international law
The lessons learned from World War Two
Were to never let a people treat another people like they weren't meant to be people
But don't you see the irony
The victims went and made themselves a colony
They took another people's land and caused tragedy
You might say a repetition of history
But what was wrong then is still wrong now
The Zionist agenda simply doesn't allow
Any place for Palestinians, not even in their own land
But do you really think we'll give up our land?
So for human rights
Support Palestine
Don't let Israhell
Continue in its path of crime
Speak Out, Speak Out, Speak Out
That's why I am asking you to speak out loud
And tell the world this shouldn't be allowed
Again I'm telling you to speak out loud
Tell the world this shouldn't be allowed

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