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The Bears - Fear is never boring lyrics

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Fear is never boring by The Bears

mama's little baby likes fear and torture
mama's little darling likes violent sex
she thinks she's queen victoria
ridin' the pony express
oh no trouble now
are your nerves failing
don't come unglued
if your heart skips a beat
stay on your feet
don't throw that moment away
no no no no no no no yeah
feeling good ain't bein' happy
no no no no no no no yes
taking care ain't being there
I'm out on a limb where the fun begins
fear is never boring
I think I see a spark
hear voices in the dark
they tell me don't lose heart
stiff upper lip
stick to your guns
don't let 'er rip
don't throw that moment away
with consciousness barely floating
the slippery curve is approaching
my whole life flashed before I crashed
fear is never boring

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