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The Band With No Name - Amazing Grace lyrics

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Amazing Grace by The Band With No Name

I can't get enough to say get enough to pray
In praise I find my heart carried away
I'm so grateful for grace I'm a thankful mess
It's growin every moment 'cos You love to bless
I'm impressed to be changed by Your spirits actions
You acted in love and now I'm reactin
I'm flyin I'm faced down respondin
Each moment I'm jumpin for joy feet stompin
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
I once was lost but now I'm found
Stand up Bring it on bring it on
Get down Everybody in the place
Stand up Cos I'm gonna overload
Get down With amazing grace
I'm composing tryin to keep from exploding
Light in my eyes with vision wide open
Jesus my provider my friend
Stronghold and safety from now 'til end
I'm bendin never changin in my faithfulness
In truth and His wonderful holiness
When we're face to face it's my favourite place
I'm overwhelmed by his amazing grace
And this is why you died
Amazing love how can it be
That you should die instead of me
Without you within me
Begin to wonder what a hell this could be
Livin it without you would be the devil in me
Easy to imagine i dont want to believe
I would be a freak of nature if You weren't here in me
I see the darkness in the day i feel the cold in the night
I hear the whisper in my ear trying to tell me everything's alright
Its hard enough just thinking up a place where i give You up
It's clear to me that i'd be here
Without you within me
Right in the wrong
No doubt where i would be
If you were gone
Without you around me
I'd lose my mind
But now you have found me
Anmd freedom's mine
As i look around me in the world in my head
I dont wanna go there i would rather be dead
Then i get to thinking what a hell this would mean
But i never need to go there 'cos You've already been
So as i open up my eyes im thinking what do i do
I leave behind this empty world and turn my head to the truth
It's good enough just thinking of a place where i'l be with you
And after all one thing i know... (without you within me...)

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