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Thanatoschizo - Sublime Loss lyrics

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Sublime Loss by Thanatoschizo

[Lyrics by Patricia]
Holding a burning pound of gone emotions that are mine as well, I wait for the glorious day to come. Silent I stand... vanishing, showing no sign of repentance. The taste I have always longed for is greater than my own obscenity. And no human kindness will ever manage to reach the soul of this lost body that has already killed thousands of hearts.
Thus, I phlegmatic journey across the unknown to get where I am, upon the horizon of loneliness wrapped up in brutal happiness. Foreseen fulfilment that I seem to have lost, wondering to recover! Knowing the sea, screaming to feel someone drifted in the flow. I depart now, so you can capture me. I can see now.
We have lost... we have found what we most demanded. Endless nights to love the radiance of your water eyes. Spiritual conquer... lascivious satisfaction... Onward wearing of the soul. That eternity in the day you died to me.
I no longer am... deep impulse of silence makes me tear the sky. I'm willing to commit this crime... once again. I awoke suddenly plunged into a lachrymal riverbed, too dusky and sullen to discern a thing. To recall hearing someone's mourning, weeping over something undone... over our essence. I rather prefer what remains inside my mouth. Now I can barely remember ever desired something.

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