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Thanatopsis - Justified Genocide lyrics

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Justified Genocide by Thanatopsis

Crimes against humanity, dominated the 20th century
It will go down in history as the age of war and tyranny
Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Saddam the bringers of doom
Mass destruction, genocide in their eyes was justified
They unchained revolutions, total disorder
To create their envisioned new world order
Cleansing the nation, destroying the vermin
"He who things big cannot be humane"
(If you'd) Criticize their ways, you'd surely die
The ones (considered) imperfect would be fried
Over 20 million inferiors
Were slaughtered for Hitler's imperium
The Fuhrer gave orders to kill the Jews, the weak, the mentally I'll
Jusif Stalin randomly killed
25 to 50 million died at his will
"All those who oppose me must die... and if I don't trust you, you will die tonight"
Mao Tse Tung was willing to sacrifice
300 Million innocent lives
He unchained a "cultural revolution"
As a cloak for mass executions
People were told to live by his book
70 million met their doom
The yellow tyrants stands out from the crowd
For the world's largest body count
... Democide!

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