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Tevin Campbell - Don't say goodbye girl lyrics

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Don't say goodbye girl by Tevin Campbell

baby don't stand there in the door way
with all your bags ready to go
baby sit down and lets talk it over
oh i need to know
what do you think your gonna find(no man can treat you sweeter)
what are you looking for (a place where the grass grows greener)
The world is cold out there(I'm the one who really cares)
Don't say good bye girl
take a look inside and read my mind girl
everything i do i do for you
don't leave me crying
Maybe my crime is carin bout cha yea e yeh
wantin you close by my side
baby you need some space around you
some room to fly
don't ever say i'll hold you back(my love will lift you higher)
and when you call my name(I'll be there right beside ya)
Together we'll be fine(give this love another try)
Tevin Talk:
baby you know you mean the world to me
(you mean the world to me yeah)
I never loved nobody the way that i love you)
(Never loved nobody)
the way it feels ooh when i'm close to you
(feels so good baby)
when i'm holdin you touchin you
Bridge one

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