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Teratism - The Essence Of Torture lyrics

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The Essence Of Torture by Teratism

I shape your destiny through pain.
Twisting flesh to resemble nothing
But suffering.
I smite with obsolescence.
Binding you within the shackles of oblivion.
And you'll writhe for all eternity.
I plant affliction.
A cancer embedded deep within your soul.
The insatiable horrors
I necessitate with unfeigned precision.
Within each wanton act of atrocity
I awake sorrow in the den of joy.
I am Nemesis.
Inflicting retribution through agony.
Sentenced to derision
I bring your end with unbridled fury.
My obeisant lust for vindication?
Pure unadulterated hate!
Now inhale the foulness of subjugation
And choke your last fucking breath!
The essence of torture
Conjured to serve
My most malicious whims
Sadistic aspirations
Evocation death-spell manifest.

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