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Ten Times A Day - Angelina lyrics

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Angelina by Ten Times A Day

Go away theres no room for you here
You showed me no respect
Pionted me to the door
Laughed at me through the kitchen window
I just don't understand where it is you're coming from...
We were such good friends for a long long time
Made each other laugh
And put two words together so they'd rhyme
Nothing was pretend we were a perfect blend
We partied every night until the break of dawn
But then we got a little closer
I asked you to be my girlfriend
And when I kissed you it felt so right
We never spent a day apart
You were always in my arms
Til things just fell apart reasons
I still can't comprehend
Angelina it's all right
No worries I've moved on with my life
You say I need to grow up
But's it you that hasn't change
Your'e still the same person
Who wants to hold a grudge...
We use to go over to each others house
Watch Dawson's Creek
And fool around all night
Then we looked into each others eyes
Held each others hands
And promised to neverlet go
But then things got a little weird
You wigged out on me
Ignored me when I asked you what went wrong
You told me that I did nothing wrong
It was all about you
And we should go back to just beinf friends
I guess it was too good to be true

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