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Ten Feet Deep - Daddy lyrics

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Daddy by Ten Feet Deep

Sorry i just had to call,
Don't want to wear you out on me,
But i need someone to listen,
You don't even have to speak,
Sorry to make such a fuss
I know things will happen now and then,
If you bear with me i promise
This will never happen again,
Not again, never again,
Daddy wont hurt me,
This time it was all my fault,
I'll be a good girl,
He wont have to get so mad,
He wont have to get so...
He does so much for me
I know he loves me deep inside,
From now on i'll be so good,
I wont ever hurt his pride,
I guess i got what i deserve,
And it does no good to cry,
From now on i'll be good,
This time i will really try,
Thank you im so happy now,
How was your day?
I'd really like to see you soon,
When will you be out this way?
Im so glad that you were home,
Gave me a chance to think it through,
Lets not mention this again,
The only one i ever told was you,
Only you......

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