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Ted Nugent - Sunrize (Narrated Version) lyrics

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Sunrize (Narrated Version) by Ted Nugent

I say how can it be that man owns the land, can we possess the sky, the wind, the call of the seasons ?
Man does not own the earth, but rather the earth owns man, we’re merely caretakers of the wild for our children.
We must show reverence for nature, the ground we share, and the spirit of the wild.
We must respect each new sunrize.
Take a deep breath, feel the spirit of the wild.
Feel our instincts, feel the heart of the hunter.
Each new day, each new sunrize can bring the renewal of life, the renewal of the spirit.
Keep your senses alert, learn to appreciate the value of that sign.
The excitement of that smell, that sight…the aroma of the woods.
Cherish the beauty of our brother the eagle, the deer, our blood brother the bear.
As the new sun warms our new day, thrill at the adventure of being one with nature.
As the majestic buck melts out of the swamp, feel the spirit come alive.
Hold tight to your bow and arrow, grab the spirit,
Feel it's presence, feel the spirit of the wild.
Hey, there he is, in the wind….
The sensual stimuli, the thrill that will cleanse the soul,
Go ahead, feel alive.
The sunrize is on fire, as our senses, our very lifeblood is on fire.
Share these sensations with your friends,
Share ‘em with the children,
For life is a series of sunrizes
The spirit of the wild.
Let it inspire your heart and soul,
Challenge the good, natural hunter within you,
Challenge yourself….to connect.
Be an asset to nature.
Take each day, take each sunrize step by step.
Sunrize by sunrize.
Take it to heart.
Embrace the spirit of the wild.
Embrace each and every sunrize
Rise into the sun.
Seize it.
In the wind, he’s still alive….

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