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T-Bone Burnett - Crazy Girl lyrics

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Crazy Girl by T-Bone Burnett

She was a beauty, batting eyelashes
Against blue iris eyes
She came up to me
Tapped me on the shoulder
And here comes our suprise
To her house her baby's crying "mommy"
From the other room
Better get out before I get swallowed
All too soon
Because you fell in love
With a crazy girl
There's no time for blame
Cause she's all in this world
Crazy girl and I'm playing your game
Crazy girl, I don't think
I can stay stane
When she's high she talks in circles
And tells me where she's been
My face stiff and unchanging
But weeping softly in the wind
Here all night in her bed
As if I have the choice
Oh boy, you know you don't have a choice
Oh you know
You don't have a choice
I used to have an open mind
A mind that was crystal clear
They say man, "there's plenty more"
But right now none of them are here
Get up with it now crazy girl
Let's celebrate how you messed me up
Yeah you know you know you messed me up

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