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You Can't Fight Fate Lyrics

Tay Zonday


You Can't Fight Fate Song Lyrics

You Can't Fight Fate by Tay Zonday

You can tell the truth
You can tell a lie
You can try to run from
What you feel inside
And tell yoursel tell yourself you don't need me
You can walk away
From what you know is right
Think you won't be thinkin' about me at night
And tell yourself tell yourself it'll be easy
And you might believe it
But don't be misleaded
You might think it will be that way yay

But you know
You can't fight fate
You can run
But you can't run away
No matter what you do
No matter what you say
When it's meant to be
It's gonna be that way
You can't fight fate

You can drive your car
Drive it night and day
But you won't ever drive drive me away
I'll be in your heart in your heart forever
I was meant to be with you
You were meant to be with me
Now what's it gonna take to make you see
We were meant to be meant to be be together
You might not understand it
Oh but that's what the plan is
And it's something that can't change


And you might believe it
Oh but don't be misleaded
There's just some things that you can't change


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