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Say No To Nightmare Lyrics

Tay Zonday


Say No To Nightmare Song Lyrics

Say No To Nightmare by Tay Zonday

The devils who had done it
We had to see them dead
And enemies in distant caves
Are where the headlines led

We bought our patriotic tea
Watched our neighbors' moves
Wore stars and stripes like rosaries
But took anything as God

I was in the hospital
Turned on the TV
Saw those fires burning
Not sure what to think

When the morning ended
My stomach hit the floor
Anger, pain, and vengeance
Turned my gentle bones to thorns

A little girl approached me
Confusion filled the room
I asked her not expecting much:
Whatever shall I do? She said

Nightmares will never gain
Power over you and me
On your doorstep, there's a new threat
Say "no" to nightmares, "no" to fear
Our rightous grief and outrage
Brought politicians' threats
Unless I watched the way I vote
They told me I'd be next

People near Ground Zero
Some put down their sword
But people in the heartland
Were more scared than in New York

Diners off of country roads
Served the fearful news
It had nowhere to dissipate
Except the ballot booth


If the boss just laid you off
She blamed it on that day
Everything that wasn't right
We all knew what to say

Everything was suspect
And no one dared to ask:
Were policies to win our minds?
Or were there really threats?

Most were decent people
Jonesing for a dose
Of that sweet taste known as freedom
But the fruited plain had closed

Soon kids won't remember
My niece is only five
But if she asks I'll hold her
I'll sing a lullaby

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