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Tanner Helms - Rain Keeps Pouring Down lyrics

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Rain Keeps Pouring Down by Tanner Helms

Rain Keeps Pouring Down
Rain Keeps Pouring Down
It's a dark stormy night
Not feelin' too good
I'm alone once again
It's the lies within
That falsely keep me happy at night
Rain pouring down blinding me of sight
How did it get this way?
I wish I knew just what to say
To make your pain go away
Then I would feel ok.
Rain Keeps Pouring Down
Rain Keeps Pouring Down
They say to put your pride to the side
Lord knows I've tried
It's just so hard to do
When what you think you say is true.
That's when the problem
Takes root and starts to go
And just before you know it
You loose everything you know.
I don't know what to do right now
I'm so alone, wish I knew how
To take your pain away
Tried alcohol
Made a phone call
But nothing seems
To ease the fall.
This hurts so bad.
I'm so sick of this
Why do you always have to get annoyed with me?
It's always my fault, my problem
Well you know what? I don't need this
I don't need you
Just leave... just go. just go.
What I say I really don't mean
I get mad and make a scene
But you know I love you so
Don't go.
I messed up
Look at me
Sittin here all by myself
I don't know why I had to say those things
It just felt right at the time
You know?
Yeah, yeah I know I need to change
And I'm tryin'
But for now, please hear me:
I'm sorry.

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