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Tamia - Love and i lyrics

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Love and i by Tamia

Verse 1
Love has not been that great of a friend to me, lately.
Over and over, again and again
Love has proved that she is my enemy, my enemy.
Repeating thoughts of the pain that it's caused.
And the tears that I've cried is probably why...
Love and I are breaking up tonight.
Love will go its way
Then I'm sure to find my love, goodbye
But can you leave your trail behind
Cause I know myself and I will change my mind
And want to love again
And want to love again
Verse 2
I really wish we were made to be happy without love in our lives.
To know that I have total control over being happy, happy
But reality is I cannot live without love
But I will try tonight
Chorus x2
And want to love again, and want to love again

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