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Tamar Braxton - My Man lyrics

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My Man by Tamar Braxton

Boy you let me down
I am so confused
I stuck right by your side
Through every pain that you went through
Why is she around?
Why are you so cruel
How could you just turn your back when I stood by you
When you broke, I didn’t leave you
So I’mma through it all, I believed it
No, no, no you’re not my man
Cause he would never hurt me
Let alone just [?] me
No, no, no you’re not my man
Word around town
Is that you live with her
And you say she took your heart away
Oh baby
I told them that’s a lie
Cause I won’t hear no bullsh*t stories about my man
No [?] you’re with her
She the one who cam before
Should have noticed it the day that she [?]
I just can’t believe she stole my man
My man
Oh yeah
Look me in the face
And she took my man
Even watched my kids
And she took my man
When I didn’t understand
It cuts me like a knife
To know the one I love
Could leave me for a…
But I know it’s too late
She took my man
See I was just a fool
Didn’t want to see it through
And it hurts me
Oh oh oh oh

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