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Takida lyrics

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Lyrics for album: New Songs

Lyrics for album: Bury The Lies (2007)

Lyrics for album: Make Me Breath (2006)

A Decade Under The Influence
Ballad Of Sal Villanueva
Beautiful Girl
Belgium Waffle Song
Better Make Damn Sure
Bonus Mosh Pt.ii
Bonus Moshpit Part 2
Broken (from 'Make Me Breath')
Brooklyn (If You See Something, Say Something)
Brooklyn (If You See Something, Say Something) ["louder Now" B-Side]sleep ["louder Now" B-Side]
Burning Inside
Capital M-E
Cute Without The 'e'
Cute Without The E (Live Thisisnotemo.Com)
Didn't See That Coming
Die Alone
Divine Intervention
Error Operator
Evil Eye
Falling For You
False Hope (Before I Go)
Follow The Format
Go On
Good Enough
Hold Me Tonight
I'll Let You Live
I'm Not Gay (I Just Wish I Were)
I'm Not Gay (I Just Wish I Were) And/or Baby, Your Beard Hurts
Just Like Heaven
Long Time Comin
Lost And Found
Message In A Bottle
Mutual Head Club
One Way Conversation
Post Shave Healer
Reason To Cry
Sanctuary (Here We Are)
Slow Dance On The Inside
Suburban Home / I Like Food
Summer Stars
That Is Quite Enough
The Blue Channel
The Things We'll Never Know
The Union
There's No "i" In Team
Theres No
This Photograph Is Proof
Title Unknown
Twelve Days Of Christmas
Twenty-Twenty Surgery
What Doesn't Kill You...
What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost
White Trash Anthem
You Should Have Waited
You're My Angel
Your Own Disaster

Lyrics for album: Make You Breathe (2006)

Lyrics for album: Gohei (2003)

Lyrics for album: Other Songs

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