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Tackhead - The Dead And His Son lyrics

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The Dead And His Son by Tackhead

Mark my words, I won't care Never tread where angels dare Precious few
Shine like you Fewer still are aware of the dead and his son
I don't know, where do I start So many thoughts, I wonder where we all go
And if also memories never die
All empty chairs There's no one here I can't believe it's over This darkest
Hour to my dismay makes me feel alight
I'm Sure he's here always so near like we belong together Wherever I go,
He's there also Somewhere deep inside
The candle burns once more tonight I could've sworn I heard your laughter
Forevermore and on...
I call forevermore beyond the grave The dead and his son
Oh Father gone for way too long I lived my life away from you So when I
Wake and pray tonight Make me feel alive
Still empty chairs I know you're here We belong together Wherever I go
You're there also Somewhere deep inside

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