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Sylvan - So Easy lyrics

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So Easy by Sylvan

When you breathe in memories and your thoughts are light-years away
When the past takes root in your head
Yet your glance shows agony - on the edge of losing yourself
You should not suppress it again
Drifting through a colder time - petrified in vain
In frigidity it is so easy
Freezing up your warmer side - paralyze the pain
It is so easy, it's so easy, it's so easy
Civilized your thoughts and finally forgot how bitterly you cried
And now it agitates, it thaws cos I can see it in your eyes
Try to forsake your tears but in the end it suffocates your lies
When you count those endless days in a restless silence alone
Will you ever know whom to blame?
Wiping off your former life - slipping down again
Drowning all this pain cos it's so easy
Acting simply synthesized - numb but so insane
It is so easy, it's so easy, it's so easy...
Where to find your promises? Broken and light...
Will you ever cope with it? Maybe sometime...
How you could become like this? Faceless and blind...
Slipping down again...
Suck out your life inside never find indeed
That you need to be what you once symbolized
... it's so easy if you try...

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