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Sylvan - Human Apologies lyrics

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Human Apologies by Sylvan

Wastefulness - the inconvenience of our passions
Thoughtlessness - too many things we have in mind
Spitefulness - could be our hidden motivation
Or just thanklessness
Infallibility - what we claim but never can reach
Plasticity - the human wish to rule it all
Insatiability - we're the animals of greed
Fucking apologies - what the hell we're waiting for...
Here we live! Here we lied!
Here we failed and finally here we'll die!
Ignorance which is so suitable for excuses
Negligence - we yet abused a thousand times
Short-sightedness is the blindness in our visions
Seasoned with irresponsibility
The clutch of long lost sympathy for conscience calls
And a precise emergency affects us all
Now it's an iron certainty this way must end for sure
This - with a certain irony - we still ignore
Ignoring full of competence what we don't know
We rather lost our common sense – this, time will show
And with a sad indifference we state explicitly
That we can't judge the consequence for humanity!
Times's changed... don't we feel that?... don't we see that?
... don't we fear that?... we should know...

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