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Susperia - Sick Bastard lyrics

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Sick Bastard by Susperia

Here's your situation
The light penetrates your eyes
Your wall comes crashing down now
You can not take it no more
Know your inner limits
Before your mind is consumed
The blood of innocent children
Is all you harvest and taste
Tricked them with your candy, lured them to your nest
With the tools of your desire, made them to your slaves
You used to love their screaming, you fed on all those tears
Now your house is empty, but not ridden of the ghosts
Mothers are left broken, fathers took their lives
For every child you took, a scar was left within
If a single grave was found, what would we see inside?
The remnants of a smile, that never more will be
All alone in the streets tonight, can you fell them, see them? [x4]
Ripped apart and smothered
A future so bright was stolen
There's blood on every inch
Of your sick, demented being
All the walls have come down now
We can not spare you no more

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