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Superman Is Dead - Get In Touch lyrics

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Get In Touch by Superman Is Dead

When the time is right
I am at upper side
Nothing can save all my words
Let my case behind
Let's make something new
No one can deny my task
The lower sides are cheap
Because I hate them all
Truly I'm a power king
It is alright you feel?
I felt it's not so right
Always attack my crazy mind
I've never felt happy
I have to get in touch with someone else
I hate to get in touch
But if it's gonna be a profit
Finally I am a crazy boy
Can be seen, since my birth
My mother have never been aware
To get to be a boss
It's not so hard for me
Everything is always be easy
I can do by my own
I never need someone helps
Leave me alone, just leave me alone
It goes illegally, nobody can realize
With no vision, will more power

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