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Sun Wizard - The Plot Thickens lyrics

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The Plot Thickens by Sun Wizard

Jack: Three months have passed without a word
No authorities believe what I've been through
I've been browsing the web for that sign
I don't know what to do
Storyteller: But like everyday he went online
This time surprised of what he'd find
An article involving a scientist
Revealing a photo with the sign on his wrist
Jack: That sign!
It says this DNA expert Ruben is missing
And so is his wife Nancy
The US government are desperate to find them
At any cost
Storyteller: Jack gets on a plane to Nevada
Where Ruben and Nancy used to live
Jack: I need to know what that sign stands for
I can't just sit around anymore
He receives an e-mail on the plane
With info from Fredrik Ben
"Rumour has it that in the States
They have found alien DNA
A source of mine confirms a symbiosis
Between the US and the swedish military
He wouldn't say what it's all about
Since it is highly classified"
Tells more than the media want us to know
In Mexico women are currancy
In the hands of the criminal society
Which deliver human eggs
For genetic research technology
To a US corporation called "The new dawn"
Who knows what's created in their factories?

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