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Summer Dying - Trials Of Life lyrics

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Trials Of Life by Summer Dying

Verse 1:
I've lost my way in this world
Eyes sewn shut tight so I can't see what's happening
They try to tie me down
Tie my feet to the ground and mask my face so I can't speak
I wake up everyday, turn on the TV; what do I see? Tragedy!
What's left inside of me? The fear that lies within
One nation full of sin; To seek and witness the drowning man
I'm filled with disgust, I feel my stomach turn
I wish my eyes told lies, but what I see is real
You can taste it, you can touch it, hold it in your hands
You can take it, you can break it, mold it with you hands
Thirst for the worst, one baby dead at birth
These are the trials of life
Verse 2:
I've lost my way in this world
Eyes tell lies, force-feed alibis
You make this monster in me
I worry everyday I might contract dismay
Just stop and think this way
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
I see, I
Try and walk one day in my shoes
Try and live one day in my world
I work so hard to make ends meet
I work so hard to live my dreams and why?
Verse 3:
I've found my way in this world
I will survive; this is the choice of mine
You've made the monster decline
My days grow shorter, my nights grow longer
In the end I know I've tried
(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)
I've found my way!

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