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Summer Dying - Of Pain And Progression lyrics

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Of Pain And Progression by Summer Dying

Victim. No doubt I'm always a victim.
I'm sucked in to play the fool.
Hatred. A hate that lies within myself.
Born cursed to live inside this hell.
Scorn. That's how I play the martyr.
Torn. Torn deep inside my soul.
Backstabbed. I feel the knife it's deep inside.
Stripped, broken, raped, beat and deprived.
It's always the same. Take tow to the brain.
I can't take anymore. Release the whore.
Bound, gagged and tied. I bide my time.
I lash out. Relinquish me.
No more I'm feeling restrained. A slap in the face.
Demanding respect from a cowardly fool.
Breathing inside, you sucked out my life. Severing all ties.
You're burning inside. I cut like a knife.
Broke out your hold and now I feel so alive.
Emotionally drained.
You tapped all my veins. Respect me, you fucker!
Scorn. That's how I play the martyr.
Torn. Torn deep inside my brain.
Leech. You take and take some more.
Parasite. I'd die to be set free.
Remove you. Release all infection.
Lose yourself inside. Then lose your mind.
Sucked dry. Silence breaks me. Remorse.
With open eyes I realize.
The time that's spent there's nothing left. Sucked dry.
Silence breaks me. Love lost.
With bloodshot eyes I realize.
The time that's spend. there's nothing left.
These broken hearts were meant to burn.
Redemption. You burn the cross. Crucify.
You're on your road to nowhere. You're lost.
Your existence is my disorder.
Fake a smile yet I'm not devine.
In this world you will surely crumble.
Self hate and all lies.
Yet you exist just to feed off the feeble.
Burning coals have replaced your eyes.
Is this hell or are we there yet? Or are we stranded?
Through bloodshot eyes I realized the time that's spent.
There's nothing left with open eyes I realize the time
That's spent there's nothing left.

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