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Suidakra - Rise Of Taliesin lyrics

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Rise Of Taliesin by Suidakra

[Music & Lyrics by Suidakra]
See the winter is coming
Falling leaves dance to a silent tune
I`ll take their hands I`ll make them stand
When they`re all alone
Years passed and the dawn of light
Spread through time to leave tales behind
The Queen of witches
Gathered the wisdom
For a year and a day
Gwion takes care of the cauldron
The spell is broken
Flown into the youth
They`re hunting and chasing
Through the hills and braes
The queen of witches
Swallowed the young lad
So in year and a day
Taliesin the wise rose from the dead
Praise the one who breaks the circle
The one who dyes all grey away
Laud the army of dwarves and elves
Companions for the final day
Now see the man in legends veiled
A wise, a brave, of fortune hailed
Now hear the man and his flaming rhyme
Divinely anthems for glorious times
The king of mortal
And the source of wisdom
For a year and a day
Taliesin`s the guard of the cauldron
5. To Rest in Silence
[Music & Lyrics by Suidakra]
Fear his words
Creating worlds
For now and ever a living memory
Holding the crown
He reigns all alone
One man, one will but no destiny
Straight through the memories of woe
Into the fields of buried glee
Here the wilting dreams below
Source and ending of this story
Fall down to your knees to adore the lie
Fill the power and right to reign in violence
Time and failure have sharpened our mind
Disarmed and voicless it finally has to rest in silence
Hear the tales of thousands and one death
Of revange and wreath
See the veils which cover our mind
Silently making us blind
Silentium est aurum
Step back to where it once began
Silentium est aurum
The adornment in our requiem
So die in lies...
He`s creeping through the dephts of living
Holding out until the end
No remorse and no forgiving
All he learned is to pretend

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